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Advising families for the 21st Century

Keystone provides professional advice to individuals and families
on personal and business affairs, and strategy planning

Business Management

You may need operational advice for day-to-day business management or help solving a particular problem.

Personal Matters

We act as confidant and help demystify complex challenges in your personal affairs and life.

Family harmony

With a fresh start and an independent facilitator like Keystone, family dialogue can be improved.


We are independent of other advisers and family members, so we can offer unconflicted and open-minded advice.

Financial control

Your business interests could probably benefit from clearer information, more profitable operations and no nasty surprises.

Dispute resolution

Where things have broken down, mediation is a cost-effective and confidential approach.
Keystone at Ephesus
Piecing together client needs

We work with UK and international HNW and UHNW clients who need to review or evolve succession and business frameworks, advising on decision making and financial governance. This leads to planning and implementation to protect and enhance family interests. We also provide mediation and mentoring services and, where necessary, work with family offices, estate offices, family businesses, lawyers, trustees, wealth managers, investment managers, accountants, property or land agents and other specialist advisers.

Do you need some advice?

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