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About Keystone Family Advisers

How we came about and how we work


Keystone offers a comprehensive service dedicated to leading, guiding or supporting wealthy individuals and families in stewarding their personal affairs and through change. We understand the complexities of the modern dynamic world where nothing is constant except the need for wealth preservation.

Keystone was founded by Jonathan Gage. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant and then followed a career in corporate finance and wealth management, working in and alongside a number of leading City companies and advisers. He has extensive experience, as a Trustee, of the succession and organisation issues faced by important families. From his experience of advising companies, he developed a sense of how to encourage families to become more business-like. The purpose of Keystone is to advise and help make use of other specialist advisers.

In a global market

you have to take a world view

We don’t label you

It’s irrelevant whether the clients we work with identify with HNW “high net worth” or UHNW “ultra-high net worth” labels. The fact is, they have practical needs in running a complex family unit that many people rely on for their livelihoods, and it doesn’t really matter what the label is.

We fit with your team

Like many business operations, your family probably has a complex set of needs, that vary over time, and you can’t always have someone employed for every contingency. We work with your existing team of professionals and support staff to bring in wide experience and new skills.


Independent & unaffiliated

Keystone is independently owned, and we have no alliances with investment managers, law firms, land agents or other parties you may be using or need to work with. The benefit of this is that we can give truly impartial advice on selecting and working with such people and firms.

Evolution not revolution

We believe strongly that making the best of your existing framework is the first priority. In fact, that is what good management is about; we can help settle differences of opinion, mentor and update skills where necessary. It’s usually in the best interests of both parties. To us, replacing a team member or service provider is the last resort.

Proven skills

With experience spanning many decades in leading firms, and close understanding of the needs of wealthy families, we can demonstrate the benefits of what we do with examples and case studies. If you think we might be a good match to the needs of your family circumstances, please get in touch.

We're good listeners

We listen actively to your aims and aspirations.

We're careful

We feel that it’s important to take care of the human side.

We take action

We work with your team and advisers.

We're discreet

We act with integrity and discretion.