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Why call in Keystone Advisers?

We'll actually listen to you

We’re good listeners, and we take the trouble to help everyone feel comfortable about what is happening. That’s the best way to agree solutions that last for the longest time.

And starting the conversation with us is the first step to solving whatever it is!

We'll sort it all out

We get satisfaction from fixing your problems. We fix them with the benefit of years of experience in many spheres, full independence from other advisers and a fresh start.

When we step into a situation, we can often act as a catalyst for things to sort themselves out more easily anyway.

Key Challenges

  • Talking constructively to each other can be even harder when the family stakes are higher.
  • Knowing who to trust and whose interests are aligned with yours.
  • Have you wondered how the next generation will cope with their inheritance?
  • Getting the best out of your existing advisers.
  • Sometimes you may just want reassurance that your advisers are already doing the right thing for you.
  • You may have unexpectedly inherited a complex undertaking and need reassurance and advice as you decide on a plan of action.

Give us a call on +44 207 043 4601 when you are ready to talk. Or…

Some ways we have already helped

  • Reviewing long-term family priorities.
  • Establishing the right type of family governance to help making informed decisions.
  • Establishing a process for succession planning.
  • Helping families to think in a more businesslike way through reviewing financial information and accountability.
  • A strategy to improve the financial performance of a large landed estate significantly.
  • High level co-ordination of the day to day operations of a large family concern.
  • Co-ordinating and leading discussions with banks for re-financing.
  • Co-ordinating an inventory of chattels for insurance and inheritance tax.
  • Acting as honest broker in a number of difficult family issues.
  • Overseeing investment strategy for an international client.
  • Co-ordinating investment activities and advising on risk aspects of a family’s investments across a range of managers.